Agile Software Development

We use the Agile Software Development Process

And it makes a big difference in the success of your project

Using the Agile Software Development Process, every project gets a certified Scrum Master, and we are able to deliver "quick sprints" of deliveries in two-week cycles. That means we are in a constant cycle of delivering and testing, so when the project is completed, you already have a working set of technology that is proven and ready for production. What it means to your project:

  • Collaboration: Based in the Central Time Zone, our developers are always available for quick, daily "Standup Meetings" (which is critical to the Agile Software Development Process).
  • Timing: Because we've been releasing "quick sprints" all along, your official release is on time.
  • Confidence: Your initial release is real and valid and working (no nail biting at launch time).
  • Features: You made the initial release, but don't stop now ... you are poised to continue increasing the value of what already is up and running.

We know the Agile Software Development Process because we work it diligently every day. Contact us to learn how we can apply this best-practice methodology to your project.

Scrum Master Certification for Agile Software Development Process

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