For Business

Lots of great reasons to choose Costa Rica

Costa Rica for business

  • We work when you work. Costa Rica is in the Central Time Zone ... the same as Chicago and Houston.
  • Your intellectual property is safe, thanks to extremely favorable IP laws.
  • One of the world's oldest and most stable democracies, Costa Rica eliminated its military in 1949 and invested heavily in higher education (22 colleges and universities)
  • A smart, motivated workforce 
  • Costa Ricans love their homeland and tend to stay, unlike some tech workers in Eastern Europe. That means continuity for your project.
  • The workforce is fluent in English and Spanish.
  • Just a 3.5-hour flight from Houston (fly into the international airport in San Jose, "SJO")

Houston To Costa Rica

Costa Rica for quality of life

  • 25 percent of the land is protected in the form of natural parks or reserves.
  • 95 percent of Costa Rica's energy is produced by renewable resources, such as hydro-electric, wind, and geothermal. 
  • Costa Rica is on a path to be carbon-free by 2021.
  • The people of Costa Rica live 15 years longer than the average global lifespan.
  • Happy Planet ranked Costa Rica as “the happiest country in the world.” The motto for Costa Ricans is "pura vida," which means "pure life."
  • Beyond business, you'll be looking for an excuse to visit Costa Rica for fun and pleasure.

Happiest Country

But what about the right side of your brain?

You've seen the reasons to do business in Costa Rica, but what about the fun stuff? Take a look at some of the reasons Costa Rica makes sense for pleasure.

Why Costa Rica?

For Business
Same time zone as Chicago ... only a short flight from Houston ... fluent in English. Learn more.

For Pleasure
Wow, so many reasons. World-class fishing, the mountains, the beaches, the rainforest. Fall in love with Costa Rica.

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