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30 million users can't be wrong

Cecropia partnered with our client, MapMyFitness, to create a very popular suite of mobile apps, which includes MapMyRun and MapMyWalk. These mobile apps use built-in GPS technology to offer fitness enthusiasts worldwide the ability to map, record, and share their exercise routes and workouts in an online database.

Map My Fitness

Huge popularity

These apps have become so popular that they help to constitute the Internet’s largest social network of fitness enthusiasts: 30 million and growing. MapMyFitness gives users access to a searchable database of more than 70 million global routes, online training tools, nutrition tracking, fitness calculators, event listings, and allows them to easily share activities with friends.

Bottom line

We helped build the technology that runs the largest fitness-related social network on the Internet. We know how to build GPS-based mobile apps that are “best in class.”

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What Our Clients Say

"The team put in the time and energy to do it right. They kept their cool through a really stressful week and deserve major props.”
~ Project lead, Map My Fitness