Outsourcing Redefined

We redefined outsourcing

We're not your typical overseas outsourcing (we're not even overseas)

If you are familiar with traditional overseas technology resources, you'll be refreshingly surprised with the software engineering talent in Costa Rica. The systems we design and develop are on par with, or better than, the best in the US, and we offer several additional advantages:

  • We work when you work (we're in the US Central time zone).
  • We're fluent in English.
  • Cecropia has one of the lowest attrition rates in the tech industry (that means your project will have vital continuity).
  • With a stable democracy, friendly IP laws, and 22 universities creating a highly educated workforce, Costa Rica is great for business.
  • We're only a 3.5-hour flight from Houston (compared to the 16-hour flight to the Ukraine, or the 26-hour flight to India, plus several stops).
  • Cecropia engineers have industry-specific experience (see the list of industries and our practice areas).
  • We stay in touch (we're online and available to discuss your project).
  • Don't forget: You'll want to make quarterly site visits, because Costa Rica is amazing.


What our clients and partners say about us

These are actual quotes from our partners and clients. 

  • "Cecropia worked incredibly hard for our trust, and they earned it."
  • "When we are working with someone in another time zone, it takes two days to get anything done."
  • "The whole objective of putting a team together is being able to scale the team quickly. Not just hiring, but knowledge transfer. Cecropia gives us that."
  • "I have an individual at Cecropia who is my right-hand. I don't have to be involved every step of the way because I trust him to make decisions for me."

Why Costa Rica?

For Business
Same time zone as Chicago ... only a short flight from Houston ... fluent in English. Learn more.

For Pleasure
Wow, so many reasons. World-class fishing, the mountains, the beaches, the rainforest. Fall in love with Costa Rica.

A sweet spot for QA

Technology Solution of the Year Award

When you create an app that has a multi-million-dollar impact, people notice. Learn more.