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Teaching through online games

Classroom IncClassroom, Inc. is an innovative non-profit in NYC that targets adolescents living in poverty and at risk for educational failure. One tool in their arsenal: Online games to inspire the students and teach them about life in the business world.

Cecropia helped design and develop these online games, which not only provide vital learning opportunities, but do it in a way that is fun and engaging. In one such game, called The Sports Network, students can manage their very own cable sports network.

Bottom line

Educational software is particularly challenging. If it doesn’t pass the Sniff Test with students, they won’t engage, which means they don’t learn. Cecropia knows how to combine on-screen graphics with back-end coding to create educational software that is both educational and engaging. 

The Sports Network

The view below is of an interactive game Cecropia helped design and develop called The Sports Network. Students engaging with this popular game must handle the tricky aspects of managing a sports agency. 

The Sports Network

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1. Because we are the industry experts on the Arrayent platform.
2. Because Costa Rica makes sense for business.
3. Because Costa Rica is a great place to relax.

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