We Wrote the Book on QA (really)

QA can make a notable difference to your business performance

QA is a sweet spot for us. We are a proven industry leader in QA, we use the Agile methodology, and we have metrics and results to demonstrate our prowess. Cecropia QA teams have provided services for several client, including Pace, Kimbia, Map My Fitness, Classroom Inc., Spiceworks, iControl, and many others.

Qa Hours Logged2 AnimatedHow we make a difference

Our main differentiator is that we have designed a unique process that allows QA engineers to build automated test cases very quickly, which provides a dramatic reduction in overall execution time. This automation framework is easily adaptable to any market or technology and provides a consistent test methodology for your business solutions.

Bottom line

A great example of our QA efficiency: One of our large telecom clients, uses five Cecropia QA engineers to handle the same workload of 15 QA engineers from their offshore location.

Similar timezone and well defined automation process created a 3 to 1 ratio in productivity improvement resulting in outstanding ROI.

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