Who we are

Who is Cecropia Solutions?

We are a software development and quality assurance company based in Austin, Texas, with two development centers in Costa Rica. If you aren't familiar with the technology environment and talent found in Costa Rica, it's a great story

Just 3 people in March 2010

In March 2010, our three co-founders launched the company, and it quickly grew to a team of 15, and then 23, and then 59. From the humble beginnings of that original crew, we have grown steadily and wisely to our present group of about 100 (and still growing) smart and dedicated employees. 

How our work environment is different 

Unlike the residents in some other countries traditionally known for offshore technology services, the residents of Costa Rica aren't clamoring for an opportunity to leave their homeland. Add to that the fact that we provide one of the more pleasant and stimulating work environments within Costa Rica, and you get a workforce that is happy and productive. 

Here are a few of the things we do to help our employees stay productive and fulfilled (and why 70-80 percent of local university technology graduates want to work in our shop):

  • We offer profit sharing.
  • An ergonomics specialist ensures they have a perfect fit in their work station.
  • We do teambuilding events that aren't dreaded ... in fact, our people actually enjoy them. Example: whitewater rafting
  • If a team member wants to purchase a personal laptop, we let them acquire it through payroll deductions.
  • Fresh-cut local fruit is delivered to their desk every day for a mid-morning snack.

Cecropia continues to enjoy steady, healthy growth

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Why Cecropia?

1. Because we are the industry experts on the Arrayent platform.
2. Because Costa Rica makes sense for business.
3. Because Costa Rica is a great place to relax.

Why Costa Rica?

For Business
Same time zone as Chicago ... only a short flight from Houston ... fluent in English. Learn more.

For Pleasure
Wow, so many reasons. World-class fishing, the mountains, the beaches, the rainforest. Fall in love with Costa Rica.

A sweet spot for QA

Are Your Developers Awake?

Our developers are awake when you are, which is critical to Agile Development. See our development credentials.

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